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Kevin Kubota Tools

Kubota Super Studio Pak – $1499

Get the ultimate Studio power Pak. This Pak includes all of the Kubota Image Tools Products, including our new Bor-Tex Pak with over 100 awesome texture actions and over 125 of our Sloppy Borders, plus the speedy workflow tool – Kubota RPG Speedkeys. Set yourself and your studio up in the most effective way. Feel the excitement of producing images that capture the emotion and passion that your pictures and your clients deserve. This is undoubtedly one of the best packages available in the industry, get it today at fantastic savings!

Kubota Studio Pak – $1199

Get the training and tools you need to create stunning presentations and watch your sales skyrocket! This Pak is one of the largest Kubota Super Savings Paks, setting you up with the critical digital photography tutorials and image enhancement tools you need to take your photography life to the next level. This single investment has the potential to immediately enhance your creative style and help you attract more clients. These are the essential tools for creating stunning images in a flash and getting them back to your clients in record time. In addition to all of the Kubota Artistic Tools for image enhancement, this Pak includes our newest Bor-Tex Pak with 100 textures and over 125 or our famous Sloppy Borders, giving you literally hundreds of options to add the perfect finishing touches to your pictures, and then use the Kubota AutoAlbum software to create phenomenal magazine-style albums for your clients in a flash with DASHBOARD for AutoAlbum.

Kubota Full-Creative Pak – $899

The Essentials Pak is mind-blowing. The Full-Creative Pak makes it even better! It combines the complete line of Kubota Image Tools Actions available in the Essentials Pak, AND our Sloppy Borders and Texture Tools known as the Bor-Tex Pak. This single investment has the potential to immediately enhance your creative style and help you attract more clients. These are powerhouse tools for creating stunning images in a flash and getting them back to your clients in record time. Consider this a Kubota all-star lineup of image enhancing tools. At your fingertips are radiant, gorgeous Textures, our favorite Sloppy Borders, and post production and artistic enhancing tools that will give you so many creative options for finishing your images with flair. It’s one of the very best Super Savings Paks available from Kubota Image Tools. Rounding out the all-star lineup is the Kubota Artist Series Style Book of your choice. Select between content-rich books from either Kevin Kubota or Tamara Lackey (stay tuned for our third Artist Series Style Book from award-winning photographer Michael Corsentino).

Kubota Essentials Pak – $599

Go beyond the basics and get maximum productivity. All the tools you need to create stunning images. Get up and running within minutes with the Kubota Essentials Pak – this super-fantastic Pak will put you in the driver’s seat and in the fast lane of photography. Using theDASHBOARD™, you will fly through your post production enhancements with ease and be amazed with your results. If you’re new to using Kubota Image Tools, this is a great way to get started with the critical Artistic Tools and Production Tools. Very affordable Pak pricing means that many of our customers will see a return on investment from their Kubota Image Tools purchase in just one job.

Kubota Bor-Tex Pak – $349

You’ve been an Action Hero for quite a while. You’ve become hooked on the Artistic Tools and Production Tools…and you want more! Our new-car-smell Bor-Tex Pak is the answer. In familiar DASHBOARD™ fashion, you can now enhance your images using a new collection of 100 radiant, gorgeous Earth and Industrial textures, along with over 125 of our favorite Sloppy Borders! Apply these easy-to-use steps to any of your images to finish them with flair and wow your clients. These new creative tools are the perfect complement to your Kubota Actions DASHBOARD and will operate at the high quality standard you have come to expect from Kubota Image Tools. The Bor-Tex Pak has the styling flair and finishing effects you need to set yourself apart from your competition, attract more clients, and generate more revenue.

Kubota Starter Pak – $399

Just getting started with Kubota Action Hero’s Secret Formula? This is the Pak to instantly power up your photography and start creating fabulous images in a flash! If you’re a hobbyist, enthusiast or Photoshop newbie, this is the place to start. You’ve probably heard of Lord of the Rings and Magic Sharp – you’ll get them both with this Pak! Get your feet wet with the Kubota Starter Pak and we reassure you, you’ll be immediately addicted to these image enhancement Actions and the DASHBOARD.

Kubota Viva La Vintage – $109

Add some new fun to your images with these Kubota Actions inspired by vintage looks your clients will love! These classic effects are wildly popular around the industry and in high demand from photographers and their clients. Prompted by phenomenal reception to our Kubota Vintage Delish™ Presets for Lightroom®, we have assembled a similar collection of vintage flavors in the form of speedy Photoshop® Actions powered by our popular DASHBOARD™ (included). VIVA LA VINTAGE contains 25 time-warping enhancements to heighten your mind and bring you to the edge: Bleachy Peachy, Hot Flashes, Nostalgia, Time Machine, Lens Flare, Image Grunge and many more.

Kubota Pow Wow! – $109

Inject bold, fresh looks into your images with these touted Kubota Actions! This medley of stylish looks is the latest caboodle of speedy Photoshop® Actions brought to you by Kevin Kubota, and is powered by our popular DASHBOARD™ (included). POW WOW! contains 26 popping-fresh enhancements including Black & White, Color, and Creative Effects: BW Museum, Pearly Shells, FunkTaFi, It’s Just a Vibe I Get, Best Mango Ever, Kubota HiDef and many more.

Digital Bootcamp Book – $34.95

Kevin Kubota has encapsulated the original Digital Photography Bootcamp® workshop into a great reference book.
Learn the digital process from start to finish – from setting up the camera, to taking the images, to organizing them, to enhancing, and finally to printing and presenting them. With the same lighthearted approach that has made his digital workshops a success, author Kevin Kubota provides essential foundational information as well as advanced tips and tricks for those who are ready to push their imaging to the next level.

Kubota Sloppy Borders – $149

Get over 125 Kubota Sloppy Borders in this fantastic border Pak. From elegant thin borders, to eye-catching medium borders, to heavy borders for a bold statement, this Pak adds the finishing touch to your tweaks. KUBOTA SLOPPY BORDERS have always been a favorite way to present images in the old days of film. But with digital, this cool retro look is much more difficult to achieve. Scaleable, snap them on inside or outside your image, and even change the border color to fit your image! To create the Sloppy Borders, Kevin Kubota and Craig Strong, (of Strong Photography and Lensbaby, LLC,) went into the darkroom and individually printed the borders, using a variety of filed out negative carriers (the traditional way). Then, they were scanned at high resolution, and digitally prepared for overlay on any image.

Kubota Texture Tools – Industrial – $149

You’ve never seen anything like the 50 textures you’ll find in our new “Industrial” pak. Far from subtle, these striking looks give you the ability to add an element of techno-industrial style that will make your images snap! Edgy looks from textures like “Cobalt”, “Fingernails” and “Lead” bring a sharp, eye-catching look while “Radon”, “Polonium” and “Zinc” will give you that final touch, grunge-look that seniors are begging for in their portrait shoots.

Kubota Texture Tools – Earth – $149

50 of the most stunning textures we’ve ever seen in our “Earth” collection, these Actions will bring elements of depth and subtlety you’re looking for to set your images apart from the pack. From the warming tones of textures like “Congo”, “La Mata”, and “Orange Juice” to the dimensional detail you’re looking for with “Sabanitas”, “Olive”, and “Dirty Shoe”, our Earth textures will take your images to a whole new level of character and effect.

Kubota Production Tools V2

How fast can you color correct, retouch, sharpen, batch, resize and make images presentation ready? With our Production Tools, you will spend minutes – not hours. These tools will help you speed through daily tasks. Spend more time creating images and less time getting them ready. KUBOTA PRODUCTION TOOLS V2 contains over 70 tools, including Noise Reduction Headphones, Shadow Killer Brush 2, Border White with Black Keyline, Logo Placer, the famous KPD Magic Sharp and many more.

Kubota Lensbaby Pak

Kevin Kubota has engineered special Photoshop® Actions designed to complement the soft focus effects captured by various Lensbaby Optics. The Lensbaby Pak comes with 15 brand new Photoshop Actions and includes the Kubota DASHBOARD 3.

Kubota Artistic Tools V1 – $179

By popular demand, we’ve created a classic set of Photoshop® image enhancement tools. Our black and white conversion techniques have won critical acclaim from many of the busy digital photographer. KUBOTA ARTISTIC TOOLS V1 includes a variety of beautiful enhancing, color popping, organic film grain, cross-processing, sepia and all the black and white enhancements used by professional photographers. Our enhancements are never “cheesy” or trendy, just beautiful classic techniques that allow you to create custom artistic images in a fraction of the time it would take you to create these effects on your own. Contains over 40 of the coolest image enhancements available, including: KPD Hollywood Intensity, Fuji Snappit, Vignette, Eye and Teeth Enhancer and many more.

Kubota Artistic Tools V2 – $179

This is the ultimate set of image enhancement tools and is the sequel to the wildly popular Kubota Artistic Tools V1. This Pak includes the ever popular Lord of the Rings Series. It also contains enhancements that give your images an amazing color pop, colorful toning, soft glowing and innovative black and white effects. KUBOTA ARTISTIC TOOLS V2 contains over 60 enhancements in all, including: Daily Multi Vitamin, Radiant People, Radiance Landscape, Edge Burner, Digital Fill Flash and Smokeless Burn and many more. This is the HOT ONE award winner – a must have for any studio.

Kubota Artistic Tools V3 – $179

The third member of the Kubota Artistic Tools family of Actions, the High-Fashion Edgy Pak gives you a ton of fun and funky looks, glowing and deeply romantic B&W’s, and vibrant color styles to give your images the perfect look. Show your High-Fashion passion! KUBOTA ARTISTIC TOOLS V3 contains over 50 enhancements, including: Fashion Passion, Kiyoko Punch, Tea Stained, Anime Soft, Anime Bold, Doll Face, Skin Powder Genie, Eye Color Enhancer and many more.

Kubota Artistic Tools V4 – $179

This is the newest member of the Kubota Artistic Tools family of image enhancements. A fresh collection of modern image enhancing tools for producing the hottest looks in the marketplace. From the 3-dimensional vividness of “Enter the Dragon” to the rich cinematic palette of “300esque.” Also, indulge in cool new interactive B&W converters for the perfect tonal blend and richness.
KUBOTA ARTISTIC TOOLS V4 contains over 50 enhancements, including: BW Full Moon, Highlight Enhancer, Dark Darkener, Popsickle, Punch Drunk, China Doll, Comic Relief, Vignette 2 Auto, Ragged Edges and many more.

Kubota Dashboard 3 Pro – $79

If you’re used to running our Kubota Actions with a DASHBOARD, you already know how much it speeds up your workflow and makes Photoshop® an easier, more intuitive program. Well, DASHBOARD has been to the gym and is functioning faster and stronger than ever! You now have two DASHBOARDs from which to choose. One version is included with the purchase of any Kubota Actions Pak and as a free update to you DASHBOARD 1 and 2 owners. The other is the Kubota DASHBOARD 3 PRO. When purchased by itself (right at the bottom of this web page), you are gaining an internationally renowned Plug-in for Photoshop that will organize, retrieve, and run any third-party (non-Kubota) actions you currently store in your Photoshop Actions Palette. Kubota Actions are not included nor required to purchase and use the Kubota DASHBOARD 3 PRO.

Kubota Formula Book – $125

There are so many ways that our Actions can be combined to create unique and creative looks. In this Formula Book, Kevin Kubota offers details on some of his favorite ways to combine actions.
KUBOTA FORMULA BOOK offers everything from camera settings to creative capture ideas to using Kubota image enhancement tools to make them pop! Includes over 40 before and after images plus video tutorials on the Photoshop® techniques and the Kubota image enhancements used on each photograph. Formulas include: Michelangelo, Fun in the Sun, Daisy Duke, Renaissance Dreams, Blue Falls, Pearl Drop Kiss, Smile with your Eyes and many more.

Kubota Artist Series Style Book & DVD Michael Corsentíno – $125

Our growing collection of Artist Series Style Books showcases award-winning styles from favorite photographers in the industry. Steps to creating stunning images are revealed in each book which also includes a DVD tutorial led by the featured artist demonstrating their unique approaches to working with Kubota Actions. Award-winning destination wedding photographer Michael Corsentíno invites you into his Photoshop® workspace to share his methods for conveying his eye-catching style. He lists the Kubota Actions used on each image and provides before and after pictures, meta data, and articulated insights behind each shoot. Learn from and be inspired by this top artist in this very intimate format.

Kubota Autoalbum™ V3 – $399

Magazine-style albums are the hottest thing in wedding photography since digital cameras. Clients love them for their elegantly stylish designs and now photographers love the Kubota AutoAlbum layout software for making album creation simple, fast and fabulous! This award-winning album design software has over 500 unique layout templates. Now access those templates even faster with Kubota DASHBOARD for AutoAlbum, a super-fast user interface that allows you to take the quickest path from idea to album.

Kubota RPG SpeedKeys for Lightroom – $349

Kevin Kubota once dreamed of editing images in minutes from the comfort of his favorite reclined chair, all from the palm of his hand. After sharing his vision with Tim Riley of RPG Keys®, his dream became a reality! Allow us to introduce you to the fastest member of the Kubota Lightspeed Workflow family: the Kubota RPG SpeedKeys 2 for Adobe® Lightroom–a wireless USB Keypad with 1-button access to Lightroom adjustments, presets, and other advanced tools.

Kubota Raw Workflow for Lightroom® – $99

KUBOTA RAW WORKFLOW FOR LIGHTROOM is the Hot One award-winning DVD tutorial that divulges the speedy workflow that Kevin uses masterfully himself. Recently updated to include the workflow improvements revealed in Kevin’s e:CLASS, Update Your Workflow with New Lightroom 3 Features, this RAW Workflow tutorial is now able to serve users of both Lightroom versions 2 and 3. Capture all of the award-winning workflow content from version 2 that still vastly applies in version 3 and be able to view techniques specific to your Lightroom version. KUBOTA RAW WORKFLOW FOR LIGHTROOM 3 is an update to the award-winning interactive DVD version of the same workflow that Kevin teaches to hundreds of professional photographers worldwide. It’s designed to help photographers just like you to learn how to efficiently use Adobe Lightroom 2! Gain insight from the exact process that Kevin Kubota uses himself. It is much more than a Lightroom 2 “manual,” this is an interactive instructional DVD, based on the proven workflow system used daily by successful digital studios.

Kubota Lightroom® Presets Workflow Collection™ – $49

A comprehensive set of over 100 custom Presets and templates for Adobe® Lightroom. Includes a host of module presets and templates for Develop, Print and Web modules within Lightroom. Quickly adjust white balance, create vivid effects with “Vividizers” and adjust colors and contrast in a flash. Old film effects, sepia tones, shadows and vignettes – all in one single Pak for less than fifty bucks. This is a MUST have for any Lightroom user.

Kubota Lightroom® Presets Vintage Delish™ – $39

Introducing 42 brand new Kubota Lightroom Presets that scream “modern retro.” Evoking nostalgia from decades spanning as far back as 100 years, these Presets will transport your images with fashionable, highly sought-after looks. From handcrafted flavors channeling the days of the Holga to groovy old film styles reminiscent of sultry polyester, every creative Develop Preset is fully compatible with Adobe® Lightroom 3 and will be the perfect compliment to your existing collection of Kubota Workflow Collection Presets.

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