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Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing – $19.95
By David Pearce

This is the e-version of the hugely successful and top rated pocket book of the same name by David Pearce. Over 250 pages and 550 images that have been universally praised over the past year or so for the sheer depth of information and knowledge. See readers reviews and full details at (the publishers site.)

This in-depth guide to posing techniques has over 500 images illustrating the use of poses in the context of a wedding. There is a fascinating array of images from around the World, shot by amazing photographers such as Yervant, Chenin Boutwell, Dave & Quin and David Beckstead. In fact there are over 70 contributors including many that we have discovered for the first time from all corners of the World. Each of these images is accompanied by text describing the image or pose, and detailing exactly what makes it work. Read as a whole, the guide offers a wealth of knowledge on how to pose, see light and look for leading lines, reflections and shadows, whilst creating images with finesse and elegance. It also provides valuable advice on how to interact with your couples to get the best results, how to pose larger couples in a flattering manner, and how to cope when the bride and groom are of different heights

• Basic Posing Techniques with a step by step guide.
• How to pose larger people.
• Creating dynamic group shots that your couples will love.
• Setting Expectations.
• Developing a Connection with you clients to put them at ease.
• Finding good light.
• The Wedding Day from Bridal preps to the first dance.
• Hints and Tips and Mistakes to Avoid.
• Shadows and Reflections by David Beckstead.
• Complexity in Composition by David Beckstead.
• Posing and Personality by Chuck Arlund.
• Workflow and Photoshop by Michael O’Neill.
• Posing Hands Gallery by Andrena Douglass.
• Off Camera Flash by TriCoast.
• The DQ Approach by Dave and Quin Cheung.
• 256 pages.
• 525 inspiring images.

Over 10,000 print books have been sold.

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Wedding Photography – A Guide to Photojournalism – $19.95
By Kerry Morgan

This in-depth guide to photojournalism has a wealth of images and practical knowledge enabling you to take your work to the next level. It is written by Kerry Morgan, one of Europe’s finest wedding photographers who has been shooting weddings both nationally and internationally for the last 14 years. She is a graduate of Europe’s most prestigious photography college – Bournemouth College of Art. Her work has been featured in the major UK bridal titles and she was the major contributor to the Harper Collins book “Need to Know: Weddings”. She currently photographs 40 weddings a year worldwide. The book has global appeal and is just as relevant if you are from Europe, North America, Asia or Australia and acts as a sister book to “Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing”.

Priced at less than most photographers charge for a small reprint, this book will undoubtedly help you improve your technique, visualise and see more shots, and ultimately make more money through extra sales. Measuring approximately 7×5” the book has been designed to fit into your camera bag or jacket pocket, so it’s there at your fingertips when you need some inspiration.

How to shoot storytelling images that will connect with the bride.
Shooting with empathy and understanding providing the couple with a greater emotional attachment to their images.
How to choose where to shoot from for the greatest storytelling impact combined with the best light and composition.
How feeling an image not just seeing it will give you stronger pictures.
How to stop shooting snap shots and start shooting pictures that tell stories.
How to create magazine style details that brides will love (as well as editors!)
Album presentation for wedding photojournalism
Post-production that adds to the impact of your storytelling.

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Boudoir Photography – A Guide to Excellence – $19.95
By Tammy Warnock

This in-depth guide to Boudoir Photography has a vast array of images and practical knowledge enabling you to take your work to the next level. It is written by Tammy Warnock, one of America’s finest boudoir photographers. Tammy lives and works in LA and is renowned for her work and is a Boudoir Expert on the DWF.

Our business mission at Oliver Cameron Publishing is to provide you with educational books that are sensibly priced. We DO NOT sell crazily high priced products such as e-books and DVD’s. All our products are priced at regular prices so are affordable to all. We want them to be less than most photographers charge for a small reprint.

This book will undoubtedly help you improve your technique, visualise and see more shots, and ultimately make more money through extra sales. Measuring approximately 7×5” the book has been designed to fit into your camera bag or jacket pocket, so it’s there at your fingertips when you need some inspiration.

How to shoot flattering images of ladies of all sizes.
The use of natural light.
Off camera lighting.
Working in a studio and on location.
How to relax and make your subject feel comfortable.
Boudoir, Between the Sheets, Pin Up and Art Nude covered.
Clothing choices
1000’s of tips that you never knew to transform your images.
A Gallery of Boudoir images from International experts.

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Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level – $9.95
By Ed Verosky

If you’re looking for inspiration, direction, and encouragement to create more unique portraiture, this is the guide for you.
Read this and start doing your BEST WORK now. I think this is an important book for photographers to add as part of their on-going efforts to keep learning — and something every photographer should read. Experienced working photographers as well as beginners and hobbyists will find it valuable and insightful.
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Taking Your Portraiture to the Next Level II – $9.95
By Ed Verosky
Ed Verowsky
This book focuses on the fact that it is imperative for working photographers to differentiate themselves from others in order not to drown in a sea of competition where so many are producing work absent of any unique style or vision. Amateurs have even more reason to explore the artistic areas of portraiture since it is a part of the amateur heritage to do so, and also because they don’t have the burden of producing work according to the tastes and needs of paying clients.
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100% Reliable Flash Photography – $9.95
By Ed Verosky

Designed to help photographers consistently create high-quality images with minimal gear. There are over 60 pages of information, shooting strategies, diagrammed techniques, and examples. I wrote the book to provide pro and semi-pro photographers with a fast, no-nonsense guide for getting amazing light just about anywhere, anytime. This book is about gaining the skill and confidence you need to create great images with the most basic and available lighting sources. The idea is to completely eliminate the stress of not being sure of what to do in a new or fast-moving environment. That makes it a perfect read for wedding, event, editorial, and portrait photographers.
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Basic Lighting for Portrait Photography – $14.95
By Ed Verosky

I believe this is an important learning guide for any photographer interested in better lighting. It’s been designed to quickly walk you through several lessons which will allow you to create sophisticated lighting from day one, and you’ll learn more each step of the way. You can start from anywhere in the book and use any of the setups right away, but I suggest going through each chapter in order, learning a fundamental technique and building upon it as you progress through the book. Each setup, each example adds more to your understanding of professional photographic lighting. The text is straight to the point without the verbiage and discussion of lighting theory of other books. The lighting diagrams I’ve created are so easy to understand you’ll get it the moment you see it!
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ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business – $49.99
By Darren Rouse

Blogging for your business
This eBook was written for two groups of people:Business Owners who wanted to harness the power of blogging to grow their business, and those working for Businesses who’ve been given the task of blogging – but who don’t know where to start. Written by Mark Hayward – a successful business owner, activist, and blogging coach – the guide takes readers step by step through how to set up a blog, thinking through goals for a blog, developing a content strategy, finding readers and growing traffic, establishing and growing a social media footprint and much more. Practical tasks at the end of each of the 12 chapters let you implement Mark’s mentoring in a way that suits your business, and your customers.
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ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging – $19.99
By Darren Rouse

First Week of Blogging
This new eBook is all about helping bloggers who are in the first weeks of their blogging to get started on the right foot. Bloggers starting out quickly discover that there’s a lot more to this medium than just setting up a blog and quickly slapping up a post or two. Your first post is just the beginning and you’re then faced with the tasks of finding readers, coming up with more post ideas and thinking about the long term strategy of your blog. This eBook is jam packed with practical activities and exercises to do in your first week to make sure your blog is heading in the right direction. Broken down into 7 days there are actually a total of 32 achievable tasks that will not only get your blog going but that will help you develop the skills you need to achieve your potential as a blogger.

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Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers – $29.99
By Darren Rouse

Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers
This eBook is designed to help you take the content featured on your blog up a notch. Your blog posts are the cornerstone of your blog and will be the difference between you reaching your goals or not. This scorecard resource is designed to help you analyze the most important elements of your content to make sure they’re engaging, readable, professional and optimized for search engines. It’s the ideal resource for all bloggers who are just starting out and want to learn the basics of SEO or those who’ve been at it a while but want to grow their search engine traffic.

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